Just watched a short clip on the internet, there is a new invention. You no longer have to queue on the line to pay for what you purchase at the supermarket. You still don’t get it?
Okay, you can just walk into the supermarket with your card in your hand, there will be a censor by the entrance, and all you need do is touch your card with it, voila! You are free to go on a shopping spree. The items you pick are noted on your card and the price is withdrawn from your account automatically! Did you just say Wow!? Yes it is really amazing.
Imagine how so easy it these days to reconnect with folks from way back? How easy it is for you make a video call to your friend or family at the other end of the world when they travel? There are just 2 words in involved, technology and innovation. It is amazing how easy networking is these which often makes one wonder how people who lived in the 70’s and 80’s coped, not to mention those who lived centuries before us.
Well I could go on and on about how technology has taken over the world, also bear it in mind this ‘surge’ also has its side effects which I won’t dwell on. The question is…Why haven’t you embraced technology in this age?! It is almost cataclysmic for any brand, business or organization to not have a presence on the internet, which arguably is the finest byproduct of technology. Having a presence on the internet could then be broken into social media and the likes. So at what time exactly did Technology take over the world? Here is a pictorial evidence of how technology has indeed taken over the world.
That’s what 10 years of massive boom in technology does.
So why should you invest in technology? Here are 3 major factors which you should consider seriously;
Progress–anytime, anywhere. Is your company process-driven (as opposed to running on the soup-to-nuts work of individual heroes slaving in silos)? Integrate process-approval steps into crucial systems, such as email. In my case, I can approve all expenses and purchase-order requests via e-mail, which means I can do it from my mobile phone–and the big wheel can keep right on spinning. A sense of security. Many organizations have become paranoid about security breaches. Knee-jerk response: Install expensive tools that make it almost impossible for productive work to happen when someone is outside of the office. A better solution: an easy–and secure–access to your company’s Intranet. This allows everyone to put in a few extra hours on the road or at home. The need for speed. Busy-work is not value-added work. That means automating what you can, and updating old systems that can’t keep up–even though they “still work.” I can hear you now: “You sell technology, of course you would say this!” Fair enough, but let me ask: Do you really know the cost of technology relative to your other costs? If the answer is “No,” you have plenty of company. Here’s an order-of-magnitude comparison of how technology stacks up against other expenses in terms of total costs to an organization: (figures in dollars)
–Technology: $0.20/hour (high-end workstation)
–Office Space: $2/hour
–Knowledge Worker: $60/hour
Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it pay to invest in technology?

The below listed brands and products are less than 10years old, yet it feels like they have been around forever and you sometimes wonders how people who lived before these years survived, especially if you belong the “new school”.
iPhone, iPad, Kindle (e-reader), 4G (wireless mobile communication technology), Uber (transportation network company), Airbnb (online homestay marketplace), Android (mobile operating system), Oculus (virtual reality technology) Spotify (digital music service) Square (virtual payment solution) Instagram, Snapchat (image messaging multimedia mobile application), WhatsApp.

By Mayokun Oladeji