The Monthly web design training tagged Coding Made Easy 101 reached the 9th Edition on Thursday, 21st of September 2017 inside the ALFTech Hub. For this training, a total of 39 Entrepreneurs, existing business owners, aspiring business owners and students were present to gain knowledge on how to improve the way they do business. The eagerness to learn was very evident as the participants arrived the Hub even before the schedule time, such was the anticipation the training brought.
The first 40 minutes of the training were allotted for registration of participants and the installation of lecture manuals, and when the training proper began, 95% of the participants were seated. While the training followed the usual pattern and flow, there was a little change in the facilitators taking the lectures. The Incubation Specialist, Uzamah Tracy while giving her welcome address, talked about the Hub and its activities. She also gave the lecture on Domain and Hosting, the types and the easy ones to access and purchase etc. The Incubation Specialist professionally delivered the lecture to a very receptive audience. She defined Web Hosting as a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet and Domain as names that are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents an IP addresses. The session took about 40minutes.

Figure 2 Website Hosting and Domain Lecture

This session was followed by the first part of the practical session which was the Website design lecture itself. The facilitator for this training was Taiwo Elemosho, who took time to give out steps to ensure each participant was carried along. Inevitably however, some of the participants lost touch at a point. The promised brain draining session was living up to its billing. This however didn’t deter some of these participants, as most of those who lost touch could be seen jotting down the steps to follow. The instructor showed the class a readymade website to serve as a guide for the participants, and now that the website had been projected, he took them on a ‘journey’ on how to arrive at this point.

Figure 3 Practical session with Taiwo Elemosho

A deserved 35-minute lunch break was taken after an hour and 30 minutes of practical session. This lunch break was strategically taken at this point to re-energize the seemingly worn-out participants. Thirty-five minutes went by quickly and the lecture resumed in full swing. The eagerness to learn was back, such was the effect of food.
The next Two Hours and 30 minutes were going to be expended solely on the practical session, and the participants were fully aware of this fact. The core of the session was to learn how to develop a website using WordPress. After several hours of teaching and practical sessions, the training was nearing completion. At about 4:15pm, Miss Tracy Uzamah gave a wrap up talk and sought feedbacks from the participants, at this point, the Deputy Director of the Africa Leadership Forum walked in and also asked for responses from the class. Four of the participants responded, and while they commended the initiative of the Tech Hub, they also pleaded that the training be extended by a day or more, to allow many others who had no prior knowledge of these web programs adapt properly. Dr Adebiyi commended the class for their willingness to learn and add to their skills, he also gave kudos to the Tech Hub team, especially the facilitators for the brilliant work being done.

Figure 4. Cross section of participants

This marked the conclusion of the 9th edition of the Coding Made Easy Training which recorded 37 participants in total.

Mayokun Oladeji