Most of the participants that attended the 4th Edition of ALFTech Hub Training, Coding Made Easy 101 simply wanted more. Many of them quite admitted that the value they got by far exceeded the token they paid, but then, this is actually becoming the story with each passing batch of trainees.
It was another Training Thursday yet again, and 30 entrepreneurs or aspiring entrepreneurs gathered inside the main office of the ALFTech Hub and were treated to 5 hours of teachings and presentations on Website designing using WordPress, Hosting and Domain, as well as the activities of the Hub.
In what was becoming a regular pattern, some of the participants had arrived way before the start of the program. Such was the punctuality that at 10am, 95% of the participants were already seated.
The ‘show’ kicked off with the Incubation Specialist, Tracy Uzamah telling the participants about what the Hub does and how it is done, she conveyed this message through a PowerPoint presentation.

Figure 2. First Lecture delivered by Taiwo Elemosho

This presentation was followed by the IT Assistant’s presentation on Website Domain and Hosting. The presentation which lasted about 45 minutes, was centered around the various types of Hosting and Domain types, how to recognize those that are authentic and those that are easy to use. This particular aspect of the training is very good for entrepreneurs who will need to get their businesses out there via a website. More of the time, such entrepreneurs may fall prey to developers and programmers. And since the business owner hardly knew anything about how the website is built, they get taken advantage of.
The 3rd aspect of the of the training which is usually the practical session was split into the 2. The first session which usually comes up before the lunch, and then a reconvening which is after the lunch. The second part is usually the brain-draining practical session.

coding made easy - role adesegun

Figure 3. Practical session with Role Adesegun

The first part started with an introduction to WordPress. The participants were to use WordPress in building a website from scratch. At the beginning, the instructor showed the class an already made website, which was to be the end point everyone wanted to reach for the day. This made it easier as everyone had a physical and mental picture of what they were working towards. Despite the arduous nature of the training for participants, many of them were seen following the process step by step.

Figure 4. Cross section of participants

The lunch break was some sort of ‘Calvary’ for the seemingly exhausted participants, but that wasn’t to last forever obviously. The break was for approximately 30 minutes, and then the session resumed.
The practical was going to last another 30 minutes, after which the participants gave their feedbacks and the training was brought to an end.

Mayokun Oladeji