On the 4th of May, 2017, the 4th Edition of ALFTech Hub Training, Coding Made Easy 101 was held inside the ALFTech Hub. For the 26 participants that attended this edition, the story was not quite different from those of the previous participants, while they lauded the initiative, they felt there should have been more time for the program to run as they were only just getting the hang of what was being taught.
The program took its usual course as it kicked off with a welcome address which was this time delivered by the Deputy Director of the Africa Leadership Forum and Manager of the Training/BDS, EDC, Dr. Samuel Adebiyi. He implored the participants not to take the training with levity as they will come around to appreciate it sooner rather than later.
The Incubation Specialist then gave a presentation on the ALFTech Hub, she mentioned that the Hub provides its incubatees with a comprehensive Business development service which is different from the regular business development usually given out by most other Hubs. She read out the agenda for the day after her presentation as the training continued.

coding made easy

IT Assistant at the ALFTech Hub, Taiwo Elemosho took the center stage. He gave his lecture on Domain and Hosting, the types and the easy ones to access and purchase etc. The IT assistant professionally delivered the lecture to a very receptive audience. He defined Web Hosting as a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet and Domain as names that are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name alftechhub.com represents an IP addresses. The session took about 50 minutes.

This ushered in the first main presentation of the day which was on Web Hosting. This presentation was delivered by the IT Personnel from the ALFTech Hub in Ota. Before the session commenced, the instructor warned that it was going to be a grueling session which would demand their undivided attention. Learning how to build a website is certainly not a day’s job especially if you had no prior knowledge of web related programs.
The teaching had been on for over an hour and yet not many could notice, such was the level of concentration and commitment to the issues being taught. Energy levels were getting low, and why not? It’s been a hugely demanding session and the lunch break couldn’t have come at a better time.

A 40-minute lunch break was taken and the training resumed in full swing. The second part then ensued, there was a lot of ground to be covered according to the instructor, Mr. Role who advised the participants to pay attention and try to work on they had learnt later.
After several hours of teaching and practical sessions, the training was nearing completion. There was also time to chip in a teaching on Cascading Style Sheet which was also on the agenda. At about 4:15pm, the training came to a close, and as it is with any typical training of this sort, not everyone got a hang of what was dished out. However, it was clear that there was no single person that left the training venue that day the same way they entered.

Mayokun Oladeji