Following the successes recorded from the two events of the previous year which were held in the ALFTech Hub, there was huge anticipation for the first edition in the year 2017. The event which has now become a mainstay on the roster is the CODING MADE EASY training.
Just like the previous ones, this wouldn’t be a deviation from the norm as the over 40 entrepreneurs had registered despite the late notification. In the usual rush manner, there was a number of people trying to register in the latest hours. 9th of February was a Thursday and it was the designated day for the first edition of CODING MADE EASY in 2017 and the 3rd in the series of the training. This training will touch on familiar topics such Web Designing with, Domain and Host types and ways to purchase, etc. as well as Introduction to Cascading Style Sheet.
To kick off the program after 90% of the registered participants had been seated was the Incubation specialist, Tracy Uzamah who welcomed the participants and stressed the importance and relevance of the training which has received positive reviews from ex EDC trainees and Even the management team of the ALF and by extension, the EDC. She then went on to deliver a short presentation on the activities of the ALFTech Hub. She once again reminded the participants that the program was not being organized to realize profit, but rather to impact the lives of the entrepreneurs to become better at their businesses and trade.

In what is becoming an order of arrange pf the programs, the first lecture of the day would be delivered by the IT Assistant at the ALFTech Hub, Taiwo Elemosho. He gave his lecture on Domain and Hosting, the types and the easy ones to access and purchase etc. The IT was becoming a master of this topic as the expertly delivered the lecture to a very attentive audience. He defined Web Hosting as a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet and Domain as names that are used to identify one or more IP addresses. For example, the domain name represents an IP addresses.The session took about 40minutes.

While a lot of the participants get a huge grasp of the lecture, many of them still took down jottings to take home.
This ushered in the first main presentation of the day which was on Web Hosting. This presentation was delivered by the IT Personnel from the ALFTech Hub in Ota. Before the session commenced, the instructor warned that it was going to be a grueling session which would demand their undivided attention. The participants who already had the manuals installed on their computers then began following step by step the teachings. Learning how to build a website is definitely not a day’s job especially if you had no prior background of web related programs. However, this bunch of entrepreneurs got so absolved in the teachings and they made life easier for the instructor as many of them were really getting the steps.
The teaching had been on for over an hour and yet not many could notice, such was the level of concentration and commitment to the issues being taught. Energy levels were getting low, and why not? It’s been a hugely demanding session and the lunch break couldn’t have come at a better time. During the lunch break, the Deputy Director of the ALF, and Training/BDS Manger, Dr. Olufemi Adebiyi strolled in to check on the progress of the event. He noticed the commitment and how engrossed the participants were in the practical session and offered a few words of encouragement before taking his leave.

A deserved 35-minute lunch break was taken and the training resumed in full swing. The second part then ensued, there was a lot of ground to be covered according to the instructor, Mr. Role, however, the participants were still following with rapt attention. it is worthy of mention that all of the participants sacrificed other important things like their entrepreneurship class to attend this training and they indeed got exceeding value for the token they paid which was majorly for the lunch served.
After several hours of teaching and practical sessions, the training was nearing completion. There was also time to chip in a teaching on Cascading Style Sheet which was also on the agenda. At about 4:15pm, Miss Tracy Uzamah gave a wrap up talk and didn’t fail to mention how impressed she was with this set of trainees/participants. She mentioned how she noticed about 90% of the participants actually really understood what was being thought and were following keen interest. She described the set as one of the best if not the best set thought yet.
She wrapped it up by saying the doors of the hub are wide open for the next 3 months to anyone who needed clarifications on the taught programs.

Mayokun Oladeji