“When is your next training”? “How soon can you organize another program”? These were some of the questions on the lips of participants in the maiden edition of the ALFTech Hub Training series tagged “CODING MADE EASY 101”. They definitely wanted more. So on the 24th of November 2016, ALFTech Hub gave them more as they carried on with their entrepreneurship empowerment initiative by staging a follow up training to the hugely successful “CODING MADE EASY 101”. Despite the success the first edition recorded, some topics were still taken off, this gave rise to this follow up program. What initially started out as a plan to just help entrepreneurs and others get intimated with some web programs now looks like a mainstay on the roster of the Hub. This edition also had in attendance entrepreneurs, civil servants and students. Registration started at 10am and by 10:30am the hub was filled up with the number of expected participants, some of the participants were returning as they partook in the maiden edition on the 10th of October. On the agenda for the day was Cascading Style Sheet which was omitted from the first training. Media and Engagement Assistant Mayokun Oladeji gave an opening address and a presentation on the ALFTech Hub and its activities, he stressed how the world is obviously becoming “consumed” by technology and related ideas and that as a tech space outfit, ALFTech Hub is hugely committed to making entrepreneurs in Nigeria join that ship. He further implored participants to be very attentive during the lectures and practical sessions. Figure 1: Mayokun Oladeji during his presentation Elemosho Taiwo (ALFTech Hub IT Assistant) gave a lecture on Web Hosting and Domain. This time, the lecture was precise and straight to the point. It was a very enjoyable presentation as the participants followed to the letter. After this session, even a complete novice would have gained some tit bits on what Domain and Hosting are, which in itself is part of what the initiative set out to achieve i.e. for the average hair dresser, farmer, or trader to have valuable knowledge of some of these web programs and terms. Figure 2: Taiwo Elemosho giving a presentation on Web Hosting and Domain The time came for the practical sessions, and Role Adesegun (ALFTech Hub IT personnel) started his presentation on building of website using WordPress.com by saying he was going to try his best by carrying each participant along to ensure that he communicated better and also to ensure that they understood it better than the last time. This was clear in his presentation as he was thorough and even went around to help some participants on their computers intermittently during the presentation. Midway into the presentation, the Deputy Director of Africa Leadership Forum, Dr. Samuel Adebiyi walked in and addressed the participants, while also speaking on behalf of the Executive Director, Dr. Olumide Ajayi, Dr. Adebiyi described what was being witnessed as “life”, he mentioned that the world is gradually leaving behind those that are not technology savvy in this age and that with this kind of initiative which the Tech Hub has come up with, there would be opportunities for everyone to learn as it is closer to us. Before taking his leave, he urged the participants to take what is being taught really seriously and it would be very beneficial in many ways. Figure 3: Deputy Director of the Africa Leadership Foundation, Dr. Samuel Adebiyi addressing the participants. The practical session resumed, with participants staying glued to their computers and following the teachings religiosuly. At about 1:30pm, the sessions were paused for a thirty minutes lunch break to help the participants refresh and reenergize. At 2:10pm, participants reconveyed for another engaging session which lasted another hour before one of the feature topics of the day; Cascading Style Sheet came up (CSS). Figure 4: Participants during one of the practical sessions led by Role Adesegun Pic 2: EDC's Mr Funso Popoola speaking to some of the participants during the lunch break. The topic was being freshly taught and it attracted the interest of many of the participants as they were really interested in learning it. The CSS lasted an hour and few minutes, at this point the time was fast spent. Time is never really enough when you are learning web programs, but at least the aim of the program which is to impart knowledge had been achieved. In this edition, there were fewer participants which still exceeded the number which the Hub planned for, but in terms of success, maybe this one will nudge it, the fewer number made it more orderly and the communication between the facilitator an the participants was clearer. One of the participants, Henry Emeruwa lauded the ALFTech Hub team for training, he said he couldn’t wrap his head around how such quality teaching was dished out for such a meagre amount. Another participant described the effort of the tech hub team as selfless, stressing that there was no intention to make profits but to really impart knowledge which is really commendable. This brought to a close the second edition of the ALFTech Hub Training program. Incubation Specialist, Tracy Uzamah gave a closing remark and answered some questions from the participants, she reminded them that ALFTech Hub isn’t a training institute and advised them to build on everything they had been taught. And then again, another successful training program from the stables of ALFTech Hub, this one is surely going to linger for some time especially with the presence of the Deputy Director of ALF, Dr. Samuel Adebiyi. That was the icing. By Mayokun Oladeji Continue reading