Technology is a word that scares a lot of people. It is even scarier for entrepreneurs who have little or no technology background and know-how. They chicken out with fear at the sound of words like coding, web hosting, programming and other web related programs.
This fear entrepreneurs and other civil servants who have no technology know how is what ALFTech Hub aimed to douse by organizing a training program on some of these programs especially for Entrepreneurs, business owners and even interested civil servants. The idea was enable an average entrepreneur; be it a fashion designer, a farmer, trader, fisherman and the likes be able to handle some of these web programs on their own without being at the mercy of programmers and developers who could take advantage of their naivety and exploit them.
So on the 10th of November, 2016, ALFTech Hub hosted its first training program tagged “CODING MADE EASY 101” with the core of the training to be revolved around Web building and designing, Web Hosting and Domain and some more. The training which kicked off at 10am with participants trickling in and registering their names. At about 10:25am the Hub was almost filled up. In his address note, Media and Engagement Assistant of the ALFTech Hub, Mayokun Oladeji stated that the training would be the first of many in a project series the Hub has embarked on. He welcomed the participants, urging them to be prepared to gain valuable knowledge as it will be very helpful for them going forward, especially in their various business. He also thanked the ALF/EDC management for creating a platform where the hub could make meaningful impact in the society by imparting knowledge on others. A better percentage of the participant were from the CBN-Entrepreneurship Development Centre (past and present), also in attendance were some Youth corps members with civil servants and other entrepreneurs making up the rest.
Incubation Specialist and Head of the ALFTech Hub team, Tracy Uzamah gave a presentation on the Hub and its activities, during her presentation, she encouraged the participants seriously as they were getting a training of about N25, 000 on a platter. She also reiterated that the training would be the first of many as the Hub plans on teaching on some other web programs like CorelDraw, Photoshop, graphics designing and much more subsequently. She mentioned that the hub gives comprehensive technical support to start-ups and gave several ordeals she had faced in representing some start-ups in a bid to emphasize how strongly the Hub backs the startups under it.
She rounded up by imploring the participants to be very attentive as these programs aren’t as difficult as they seem. The first Lecture of the day was on Web Hosting and Domain which was given by ALFTech Hub IT personnel, Taiwo Elemoshohe took the participants through a lengthy session by giving them detailed teaching on web hosting and Domain, the types, their functions and how to identify the good ones and the easiest ones to buy. The lecture lasted about an hour and ten minutes as he answered questions from the participants after this session.
It was clear the session was a good one as the participants asked so many question that Miss Tracy had to come in to advise them to hold off the questions till the interaction session so the training could move on. The first practical session came up after Taiwo Elemosho’s presentation, the practical session was anchored by IT personnel Role Adesegun, also from the ALFTech Hub team. He showed the participants how they could build a website from scratch using, he displayed this to them via a projected default homepage from where the website was built on afterwards. The participants followed him step by step and though it was difficult and so engaging for some, still some picked up brilliantly by being able to do it on their own. This session was so brain-draining that it was clear on so many faces that a break was needed. The ALFTech Hub team was up to task as food was served during the lunch break at about 1:30pm.
When the participants reconvened after the lunch break, it was quite visible that the break was well and truly needed after the draining session as they came back revitalized. The second practical session also led by Role Adesegun was more of a Do It Yourself session as the participants were taken step by step on web designing and how they could use it for blog posts, product advertisement and displays and many more. The very engaging practical classes lasted about 2hours and some minutes. There was so much concentration on the faces of some of the participants which showed just how much they were willing to learn, add and improve on their skills. There was so much to learn, yet the time was fast spent, this triggered many of the participants to demand that there should be another training as soon as possible. Such was the success of the event as not only were the targeted 50 participants reached, about 45 of them signaled that they will definitely attended the next training and they would look forward to it, 10 people penned down their names on the spot.
There was positive feedback from the participants and they commended the ALFTech Hub team for organizing the program even considering that the team didn’t gain any financial profit. There were some of the participants that signed up for 1 year web hosting plan which the Hub gave out at N1000 instead of about N10, 500.