Application Form

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How it Works

  • Who is the ideal innovator?
  • Analysis of temperament for collaboration
  • Team Dynamics
  • Team selection & specialization
  • Bottom of the Pyramid focused?
  • Does the business idea make sense?
  • Is it scalable, achievable and sustainable?
  • High Impact? i.e. Jobs Created
  • Right Sector?
  • Competition and barriers to entry
  • Has a prototype been developed?
  • Is the prototype tested? Beta 1?
  • Marketing Plan? Website?
  • Potential Customer Approach?
  • Intellectual Property Protection?
  • Registered entity?
Access to Funding
  • What is the required seed fund?
  • What specific services will the seed fund purchase?
  • Which funders will be potential mentors to the business?
  • Minimize failure by analysis of entrepreneur & Team Dynamics